Tips For Being A Better Teacher

Being a teacher is a long and sometimes thankless job.  Every year in sammamish private schools, teachers are given a wide assortment of students to teach a wide assortment of topics.  Over time, this practice will become repetitive and stagnant.  To help teachers with this issue I have put together these tips and tricks to make you a better teacher.

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One of the best things a teacher can do is have your students become engaged in the class.  When we work on student engagement one thing you can do is have a student run the class.  Pick a student at random to come up and talk about a concept.  Give them props or the materials to create their own props.  When students teach students and can have a sense of what it takes to be a good teacher, they will appreciate their teacher much more.

Encourage students

Many students don’t want to take your class.  Most students will just show up and take the class because it is required.  As a teacher you want to encourage students to do their best as well as show them why what they are using in the classroom will benefit them in life.

Be the fun teacher

Come to class and have fun on your mind.  No one wants to be in a room with a teacher that drones on about stats and figures.  Students want teachers to have a lot of energy and drive.  When you have a teacher that wants to be in the classroom and teach the material it is given to students as well. 


Build up some type of fun competition between students.  When we have a competition, students are engaged and will go that extra mile to beat their friends and classmates.  When giving out prizes you want to make it age appropriate.  You want to give everyone something if they did the work but have larger prizes for the ones that win.